Cognitive Health

You need to talk to your health professionals if you notice that you are having cognitive challenges regularly and that it impacts your everyday life. They’ll analyze the concerns and help you find solutions to help you cope with the issues better. By promoting thought, attention, and imagination, engaging in activities that use the brain will help to prevent some of the cognitive effects of multiple sclerosis (MS). Engaging in activities such as painting or drawing, board games, chess, and sudokus, etc., are helpful in keeping your mind engaged, and cognitive wellbeing can be enhanced. Trying to exercise your mind does not have to be an alone affair, engaging in conversations with others, joining a book club, being an MS supporter, or participating in faith fellowship meetings are all perfect ways to enhance cognitive wellbeing while enjoying others’ company. 

Discover workout options as exercise adapted to the skills and disabilities of an individual has also been shown to enhance wellbeing and quality of life. A great idea to start is by consulting a physiotherapist who focuses on MS and can assist you in your everyday life to incorporate exercise and physical activity. For the regular or weekly workouts, set practical and measurable targets.